Yasmeen Omer

When you are working on a natural gas pipeline, you need to know that your moisture measurements are reliable and consistent.

Many natural gas moisture analyzer brands on the market require calibration every few weeks to maintain the kind of precision required, leaving you without an analyzer for 6-8 weeks, or in need of a replacement.

The most reliable brand in the industry for a natural gas moisture analyzer is PhyMetrix. Not only is it the newest technology available, but the engineers have designed their systems to be incredibly easy to use — each analyzer is compact and features a touch-screen display.

In the case of natural gas moisture measurement, PhyMetrix offers the ExMa, an on-line, explosion-proof moisture analyzer. If it is installed on a pipeline, it will take continuous measurements that will be logged digitally. If you are in need of a moisture analyzer to perform spot checks, we offer the PPMa, a handheld moisture analyzer that is incredibly quick in reading and dry-down times. The two together provide unbeatable accuracy at an incredibly competitive price.

PhyMetrix offers an in-house calibration lab with NIST traceability and 2-week turn around time. Although this is the fastest time on the market, PhyMetrix is happy to provide solutions such as replacement analyzers during your calibration or repair period.

PhyMetrix Natural Gas Moisture Analyzers and Sampling Systems are customized to fit the needs of each customer. To see how we can design a system to fit your needs give us a call or submit this form for a free quote today!