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Nanotechnology improves the measurement of moisture in Gas Insulated Switch Gear.

The American power industry in the United States has chosen to use the PhyMetrix  PPMa moisture analyzer for monitoring the moisture content in their Gas Insulated Switch Gear (GIS) systems.

The American Power Industry recognizes that the PPMa provides a cost effective solution to theses needs with a NanoPore ceramic sensor technology and dewpoint measurement range of -110 oC to + 20 oC. these analyzers respond instantaneously to the smallest change in moisture content, saving valuable time. The  Phymetrix PPMa is quick, accurate and robust (resistant to contaminants). It has a precision of +/- 0.8 oC.

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Natural Gas Fractionation Plants

Phymetrix Moisture Analyzer Proves to be Invaluable for Natural Gas Fractionation Plants

In a trial at a Cryogenic Plant in Colorado during inclement weather, the Phymetrix PPMa handheld analyzer was hooked up after the mole sieve dryer and after the methanol injection, just before the fractionating cryogenic separator. The PPMa was setup to log overnight, the moisture content of the gas in order to evaluate the capacity and column switching times of the mole sieve dryer.

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The Phymetrix Mini-Demister is specifically designed to fill a need for portable gas analyzers to separate liquid vapor mixtures such that they do not compromise sensitive analyzer components. Ideal for SF6 moisture measurement oil carryover separation; conveniently fits on top of the Phymetrix PPMa hand-held moisture analyzer. Enhances analyzer integrity, speed of response and accuracy; for all gas analyzers that can be potentially exposed to liquids.