Phymetrix Moisture Monitor Models: PMi, WMi, RMi
Provides Remote Display and Power for PLMa’s

Multifunctional Multi-Purpose Cost Effective
Menu-driven, intuitive, easy-to-use

  • Fast, Accurate and Repeatable
  • Continuous Status and Diagnostics display
  • On~screen histogram and trend graph
  • WMi & PMi : NEMA 4X for Outdoor use
  • WMi: Impact resistant IP65 enclosure
  • RMi: Built-in sample cell, detachable for remote use
  • Advanced User-friendly Interface
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Graphical display
  • Programmable data logging
  • Battery backed clock calendar
  • Available Options:
    Isolated 4/20 mA output
    2 programmable Alarm Relays  w/hysteresis
    MODBUS Interface
    Built-in Self Verification & Calibration
    WMi battery backup w/USB data interface
  • Universal AC Power Input, and 12-24VDC
  • NIST calibrations
  • Virtual Analyzer PC training & demo software
Moisture Transmitter
Consult transmitter model: PLMa Specifications
Range -110°C to +20°C
Accuracy: ±2°C temperature corrected
Repeatability: 0.8°C
Response time: 95% of step change in 3 min.
Sample flow: >1 LPM
Temperature Sensor
  • Range:  -40°C to +70°C
  • Accuracy:  ±2°C
Electrical 2 automatic detection – self configuring power modes:
1) 90-260VAC 47-440Hz or
2) 12-24VDC 10VA
Optional I/O:
a) RS-422/485 isolated MODBUS
b) 4/20mA sink or source with HART®
c) 2 Alarm Relays – 3A, 250VAC / 30VDC contacts

PMI: ABS Panel Mount DIN 43700 dimensional standard 5.39″ w x 2.64″ h panel cutout, 3″ deep
Weight Total: 1.5 Lbs (0.7 Kg)
NEMA 12 type protection gasketing optionally available.

WMi: ABS Wall Mount Enclosure Dimensions 5.16″ w x 7.32″ h x 3.25″ d
A rear suspension unit, ensures a concealed fit on the wall.
Separate terminal section pre-punched for cable grips
Weight Total: 1.5 Lbs (0.7 Kg)
IP65 protection
Optional Shock-mount vibration isolation.

RMi: Built-in sample cell: 1/8″ NPTF Inlet & Outlet ports,
typically provided with ¼” Swagelok compression fittings
All 316 Stainless Steel wetted parts, small surface area stainless steel sampling chamber for fast
response time, built-in SS self-cleaning filter.
Sample cell can be removed and placed remotely (up to 5,000 feet away) 10 foot cable provided.
Pressure: 5000 PSIA (345 Bar)
Dimensions (painted steel enclosure): 19″ Rack Mount 2U, 3.5″ high x 8″ deep
Weight Total: 12.5 Lbs (5.7 Kg)

Temperature Range
  • Electronics: -40°C to +85°C
  • LCD operating: -20°C to +70°C
  • storage: -30°C to +80°C
Miscellaneous Features
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Units of measure:    °C & °F dewpoint, ppmV, ppmW, µB H2O vapor pressure, grams of H2O / m3 and Lbs H2O /106 standard cubic feet in Natural Gas.  (All units autoscaled)
  • Data logging – single point, multipoint, time stamping, each sample records: dewpoint, temperature and pressure,  ( memory > 4,000 samples)
  • Virtual Analyzer PC software for training and evaluation, allows the user to experience the exact interface on their own PC with voice explanations

Dew Point Monitor to be used with model PLMa for: Compressed Air, Natural Gas, Cryogenic Gasses, Welding Gasses, Insulating Gasses   SF6, H2, N2 etc…..



PhyMetrix Panel-mount Moisture Monitor Indicator Model PMi
PhyMetrix Wall-mount Moisture Monitor Indicator Model WMi
PhyMetrix Rack-mount Moisture Monitor Indicator Model RMi
Analog Output 4/20mA suffix -A
Alarm Relays suffix -R
Digital RS485 Modbus interface suffix -D
Shock-mount vibration isolation (only WMi) suffix -S
Rechargeable battery backup (only WMi) suffix -B