Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact for answers to any questions regarding PhyMetrix Analyzers.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions is provided below:

Sensor Technology

  1. How often should a Phymetrix moisture analyzer be calibrated?

  2. What gasses, if any, can / will interfere with the Phymetrix moisture sensor measurement?

  3. How does the sensor deal with the trace amount of typical natural gas pipeline contaminants such as H2S, CO2 (25-50ppm), mercaptans (5-10ppm) and
    O2 (10-20ppm)? As well as with Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG), Ethanol, Methanol and dropped out water in liquid form?

  4. Does exposure to (very) high moisture content “blind” the sensor? If so, how can the sensor recover?

  5. Which gases will damage the Phymetrix Sensor?

  6. What is the average life of a   Phymetrix Sensor?

  7. Is flow control required on the sensor?

  8. Is pressure control required on the sensor?

  9. Is temperature control required on the sensor?

  10. What is the accuracy of a PhyMetrix Analyzer in dewpoint and in PPMv?

  11. How has the Phymetrix moisture sensor technology improved over the other aluminum oxide sensors, specifically with regard to drift?

  12. Is any ‘zero’ gas required for zero checking i.e. is there a requirement for a mol sieve driers for calibration?


  13. Frequency of replacement of desiccant for PPMa or PPBa?

  14. Cost for replacing desiccant?

  15. Does the instrument need to go back to Factory for Desiccant replacement?

    Software Features

  16. Does the Phymetrix software export to a Microsoft Excel format?