Phymetrix Explosion-Proof Moisture analyzer Model: ExMa
Complete Sampling System and Natural Gas Dew Point Meter!

Unique State of the Art Features;
Menu-driven, intuitive, easy-to-use
Natural Gas Dew Point Meter

  • -110°C to +20°C dewpoint Sensor
  • Fast, Accurate and Repeatable Moisture Meter
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • optional built-in pressure sensor with compensation
  • optional 4/20 mA sink or source output with HART
  • optional RS-485 Modbus interface
  • 3″ viewport, NEMA 4X/IP67 & Explosion-proof
  • State-of-the-art electronics & software
  • Advanced User-friendly Interface
  • Continuous Status and Diagnostics display
  • On-screen histogram and trend graph
  • Programmable data logging, clock calendar
  • Virtual Analyzer PC s/w for training & evaluation
  • 316 Stainless Steel & PTFE wetted parts
  • Diverse Selection of Inlet Port Fittings
  • NIST calibrations
  • Cost Effective Complete On-Line System
  • Built-in flow regulation, cleanable filter & flow meter
  • Extractive or Bypass Installation
  • Thru-the-Glass Touch User Buttons
  • Approved Explosion-Proof Installations USA, Canada, ATEX
  • Installation Indoor/Outdoor On-The-Pipe or Panel
natural gas dew point meter Sensor
  • Range:  -110°C to +20°C dewpoint  (  -166°F to +68°F dewpoint )
  • Accuracy:  ±2°C temperature corrected
  • Repeatability:  0.8°C
  • Response time:  95% of step change in 3 min.
  • Sample flow:  >1 LPM
Temperature Sensor
  • Range:  -40°C to +70°C ; Accuracy:  ±2°C
Pressure Sensor
  • 2 to 1000 PSIA  ±1%, 316L stainless steel wetted parts (higher pressure ranges available)
  • 3 automatic detection – self configuring power modes:
    1) 90-260VAC 47-440Hz
    2) 12-24VDC 10VA
    3) Optional 4/20mA Loop Powered
  • Power modes 1 or 2 have the following I/O options:
    a) RS-422 isolated
    b) Analog Output 4/20mA sink or source isolated with HART®
    c) up to 3 Alarm Relays – 3A, 250VAC contacts
  • 3/4″ OD tube and 1/4″ NPTF Inlet, 1/8″ NPTF Outlet
  • All 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE wetted parts, small surface area stainless steel sampling chamber for fast response time.
  • Enclosure
    • Aluminum or optional 316 Stainless Steel,  Glass lens, IP66 & IP68
    • FM/CSA Explosion Proof Certified Class I, Div I, Groups B, C And D Class II, III, Div 1, Groups E, F And G  ATEX Explosion Proof Certified ATEX 2 GD, Exd I & IIC;  IECEx, Exd I & IIC
    • Dimensions- L:  8.9″ (226mm) W:  5.8″ (147mm) H:  5.8″ (147mm)
  • Weight Total:  5.5 Lbs (2.5 Kg)
  • Pressure: 5000 PSIA (345 Bar)
  • Flow Control Orifice can be placed at Inlet (default) or Outlet; Built in serviceable/cleanable 100 micron Filter
Temperature Range
  • ExMa Moisture Meter: -20°C to +60°C
  • Electronics: -40°C to +85°
  • Moisture Sensor: -20°C to +60°C
  • Pressure Sensor: -20°C to +85°C
  • LCD operating: -20°C to +70°C storage: -30°C to +80°C
Miscellaneous Features
  • Through the glass user interface buttons, allow operation while enclosure is closed
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Units of measure: °C & °F dewpoint, ppmV, ppmW, µB H2O vapor pressure, grams of H2O / m3,
    Lbs H2O /106 standard cubic feet in Natural Gas. (All units auto-scaled)
  • Virtual Analyzer PC software for training and evaluation,  allows the user to experience the exact interface on their own PC with voice explanations
ExMa sample cell

Standard Accessories for ExMa moisture meter:

  • Pluggable Electrical Screw Terminal Connectors
  • Inlet Orifice
  • 100 micron Stainless Steel Inlet Filter
  • Ex Certified Side Port (3/4″ NPT) Plug


Analog Output 4/20 mA with HART® optionsuffix -A

PhyMetrix Explosion Proof Moisture Analyzer    Model: ExMa
Included: Inlet Filter, Inlet Orifice (specify nominal pressure)
Stainless Steel Enclosure suffix -S
Pressure sensor option 0-1000 psia automatic pressure correction suffix -P
Mounting Legs suffix -M
Analog Output 4/20 mA with HART® option suffix -A
RS-485 with Modbus® option suffix -D
Explosion Proof ATEX option suffix -I
If Required Specify Inlet and/or Outlet Adapters