Aerospace and Defense Applications

The Best Choice for Measuring Moisture in Aerospace and Defense Applications
PhyMetrix Moisture Analyzer

Aerospace industry moisture measurement requirements  are almost as numerous as all other industries combined and are often for similar processes and reasons, but the measuring ranges are lower and accuracy requirements more stringent. Some typical applications are:
●    Welding
●    Heat Treating
●    Exotic Materials
●    Production
●    Sintered Metals Production
●    Fuel Moisture Content
●    Aircraft landing tire moisture content
●    Blanket gases               and many more

Please contact us with specifics regarding your application and our team of highly experienced engineers will help you select the proper measuring approach.

The PhyMetrix product line is ideal for the moisture measurement needs, the on-line (ExMa/PLMa) and hand-held (PPMa/PPBa) provide:
●    High Accuracy over a wide measuring range -110°C to +20°C dewpoint
●    Speed of Response
●    Eliminating unpleasant time consuming cleaning procedures
●    Saving valuable service technician time
●    Low Cost of Ownership
●    Extremely Easy to Operate, with intuitive graphical user interface
●    Resistant to Contaminants common in field measurements
●    Superior Reliability
●    Hazardous area use approvals
●    Portable analyzer available for spot checking
●    Expert prompt support from PhyMetrix engineers.
●    Training software available for technicians to practice on the use of the analyzer at their convenience.