Yasmeen Omer

The Phymetrix miniDemister is specifically designed to fill a need for portable gas analyzers to separate liquid vapor mixtures such that they do not compromise sensitive analyzer components. This gas-liquid separator is ideal for SF6 moisture measurement oil carryover separation.
The miniDemister conveniently connects to the top of the Phymetrix PPMa hand-held moisture analyzer to enhance analyzer integrity, speed of response, and accuracy. The miniDemister is also perfect for all gas analyzers that can be potentially exposed to liquids.
Phymetrix’s gas-liquid separator works by allowing liquids to settle to the bottom of the separator under force of gravity, where they are drained out through a metering valve. The sample travels through the container tube at a low velocity, thus minimizing the entrainment of any liquid droplets in the gas as it exits near the top of the separator and flows down into the analyzer. On the side of the miniDemister, the rotatable drain valve and port can be positioned as needed for ease of use.
If you are working on a pipeline that experiences slugs of liquid in gas that compromise the integrity of your analyzer’s response, contact us for more information on what the Phymetrix miniDemister can do for you.