Yasmeen Omer

You need a dew point analyzer that is reliable when you are working in the natural gas, utilities, SF6, compressed air, heat treating, petrochemical, or aerospace industry

For many engineers, reliable moisture measurements are just not possible with the analyzers they own. They experience long reading and dry down times, large margins of error, along with small temperature and pressure ranges. Not to mention, the definition of “portable” being extremely loose, or the incredibly slow calibration and repair times.
The minds behind the PhyMetrix Portable Dew Point Analyzer were disappointed with the technology available to the market. Knowing that most of the available analyzers had not been updated in twenty years, they decided they needed to do better and created their own line.

PhyMetrix Moisture Measurement provides solutions to many problem areas. Our analyzers are small and lightweight, meaning they are truly portable. They are also customizable to ensure the best performance for your industry. Our proprietary nano pore technology ensures quick reading and dry down times. Our nano pores also make repeatable measurements easy. Because of our design, our analyzers process and emit very little gas, making them the greenest moisture analyzers on the market. We understand your frustrations, and want to work with you to create the best moisture measurement tools possible. If you are interested in exploring the future of moisture measurement with us, please contact us for a free quote today!