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On-Line Explosion Proof Moisture Analyzer

When you are working on a natural gas pipeline, you need to know that your moisture measurements are reliable and consistent.

Many natural gas moisture analyzer brands on the market require calibration every few weeks to maintain the kind of precision required, leaving you without an analyzer for 6-8 weeks, or in need of a replacement.

The most reliable brand in the industry for a natural gas moisture analyzer is PhyMetrix. Not only is it the newest technology available, but the engineers have designed their systems to be incredibly easy to use — each analyzer is compact and features a touch-screen display.

In the case of natural gas moisture measurement, PhyMetrix offers the ExMa, an on-line, explosion-proof moisture analyzer. If it is installed on a pipeline, it will take continuous measurements that will be logged digitally. If you are in need of a moisture analyzer to perform spot checks, we offer the PPMa, a handheld moisture analyzer that is incredibly quick in reading and dry-down times. The two together provide unbeatable accuracy at an incredibly competitive price.

PhyMetrix offers an in-house calibration lab with NIST traceability and 2-week turn around time. Although this is the fastest time on the market, PhyMetrix is happy to provide solutions such as replacement analyzers during your calibration or repair period.

PhyMetrix Natural Gas Moisture Analyzers and Sampling Systems are customized to fit the needs of each customer. To see how we can design a system to fit your needs give us a call or submit this form for a free quote today!

Yasmeen Omer

What to Look For in a Portable Dew Point Meter

You need a dew point analyzer that is reliable when you are working in the natural gas, utilities, SF6, compressed air, heat treating, petrochemical, or aerospace industry

For many engineers, reliable moisture measurements are just not possible with the analyzers they own. They experience long reading and dry down times, large margins of error, along with small temperature and pressure ranges. Not to mention, the definition of “portable” being extremely loose, or the incredibly slow calibration and repair times.
The minds behind the PhyMetrix Portable Dew Point Analyzer were disappointed with the technology available to the market. Knowing that most of the available analyzers had not been updated in twenty years, they decided they needed to do better and created their own line.

PhyMetrix Moisture Measurement provides solutions to many problem areas. Our analyzers are small and lightweight, meaning they are truly portable. They are also customizable to ensure the best performance for your industry. Our proprietary nano pore technology ensures quick reading and dry down times. Our nano pores also make repeatable measurements easy. Because of our design, our analyzers process and emit very little gas, making them the greenest moisture analyzers on the market. We understand your frustrations, and want to work with you to create the best moisture measurement tools possible. If you are interested in exploring the future of moisture measurement with us, please contact us for a free quote today!

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Nanotechnology improves the measurement of moisture in Gas Insulated Switch Gear.

The American power industry in the United States has chosen to use the PhyMetrix  PPMa moisture analyzer for monitoring the moisture content in their Gas Insulated Switch Gear (GIS) systems.

The American Power Industry recognizes that the PPMa provides a cost effective solution to theses needs with a NanoPore ceramic sensor technology and dewpoint measurement range of -110 oC to + 20 oC. these analyzers respond instantaneously to the smallest change in moisture content, saving valuable time. The  Phymetrix PPMa is quick, accurate and robust (resistant to contaminants). It has a precision of +/- 0.8 oC.

To see how PhyMetrix Analyzers can work for you, submit a request for a free quote or give us a call!

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Essential Natural Gas Fractionation Plant Moisture Analyzer

Phymetrix Moisture Analyzer Proves to be an Invaluable tool for a Natural Gas Fractionation Plant

In a trial at a Cryogenic Plant in Colorado during inclement weather, the Phymetrix PPMa handheld analyzer was hooked up after the mole sieve dryer and after the methanol injection, just before the fractionating cryogenic separator. The PPMa was setup to log the moisture content of the gas overnight in order to evaluate the capacity and column switching times of the mole sieve dryer.
The Phymetrix PPMa is a small, lightweight moisture analyzer with proprietary nanotechnology that makes taking moisture measurements quick, reliable, and repeatable with a measurement range of -110°C to +20°C dewpoint.
To find out how Phymetrix moisture measurement can work in your natural gas fractionation plant, contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Yasmeen Omer

miniDemister: The PhyMetrix Fix for Liquids in Gas

The Phymetrix miniDemister is specifically designed to fill a need for portable gas analyzers to separate liquid vapor mixtures such that they do not compromise sensitive analyzer components. This gas-liquid separator is ideal for SF6 moisture measurement oil carryover separation.
The miniDemister conveniently connects to the top of the Phymetrix PPMa hand-held moisture analyzer to enhance analyzer integrity, speed of response, and accuracy. The miniDemister is also perfect for all gas analyzers that can be potentially exposed to liquids.
Phymetrix’s gas-liquid separator works by allowing liquids to settle to the bottom of the separator under force of gravity, where they are drained out through a metering valve. The sample travels through the container tube at a low velocity, thus minimizing the entrainment of any liquid droplets in the gas as it exits near the top of the separator and flows down into the analyzer. On the side of the miniDemister, the rotatable drain valve and port can be positioned as needed for ease of use.
If you are working on a pipeline that experiences slugs of liquid in gas that compromise the integrity of your analyzer’s response, contact us for more information on what the Phymetrix miniDemister can do for you.